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What Is Repression?

We are writing this text as a response to the increased amount of repression that has mainly been directed at the environmental movement and various leftist spaces in Sweden. The text aims to give a deeper understanding of what repression is, how it works and how we can respond to it. We have, unfortunately, a […]

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“Freedom, Peace and Justice – Revolution is the Choice of the People!” – An Interview on the Sudanese Revolt

We have met with a comrade from Sudan who lives in our city of Lund, Sweden, to talk about the revolt taking place in Sudan. Our aim with this interview is to forge internationalist links across the globe with other subjects in revolt, to learn from this experience and to spread information on an important, […]

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Red Mirror: The First Event and the Next

Red Mirror 2 These are some of the things we discussed at the first Red Mirror event. The second event will be on the 7th of April at 15.00 at India Däck, Stora Algatan 3. Further down we give a summary of our discussion. Our goal is to make Red Mirror entirely self-organized and we […]

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RED MIRROR – A Militant Inquiry On Technology

Introduction   The modern world is changing rapidly. The robots are coming and it is not only the remaining factory workers that may disappear: the jobs of doctors, cashiers and teachers are potentially at risk. At the same time as sharing economies are born, companies like Spotify and Netflix privatize the free culture created by […]

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Logistics weaves together capitalism across the globe, integrating its means of dominance and power over the working class and attempting to ensure that business continues as usual. This role of logistics is nowhere clearer than in the current struggle in Gothenburg, Sweden, where right now a large-scale labor dispute has pulled in the employers’ confederation, […]

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On Logistics

We have translated the text “von der Kriegkunst des Kapitals” (Capital’s Art of War), written by Theorie-Organisation-Praxis (TOP), one of the groups that constitutes the German-Austrian “…Ums Ganze“-alliance in order to initiate a discussion on logistics and technology in the Swedish radical movement. The English version of TOP:s text can be found here. We have […]

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In It to Win It! – Call to the Connecting European Struggles Conference. November 18-20, 2016, Malmö, Sweden.

Europe as we know it has entered into a reactionary period. After the explosion of anti-austerity movements it appears that order reigns in Europe. Racist parties are on the rise, there are wars raging both in and outside of Europe, “left-wing” governments routinely impose austerity and borders close in country after country. Against this  many […]

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Evaluation from the No Border camp in Thessaloniki

This is an evaluation written by activists both inside and outside of Organizing Autonomously.   We, a small of group of activists from the Malmö-Lund area in southern Sweden went to the No Border Camp in Thessaloniki, Greece from the 15th to the 24th of July, 2016. Organized in different structures, some of us stayed […]

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Foreword: Class, Organisation, Struggle

We have translated Unity and Struggle’s interview in the magazine Viewpoint’s ( article series “Strategy after Fergusson” which consists of interviews with a few different radical groups on the subject of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It is, in short, a fantastic text whose content is applicable far outside it’s context. For us this is also a […]

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Condemn the Repression – and Prepare for It

One of Sweden’s most famous antifascist researchers, Martin Fredriksson, has recently come out as being paid by the Swedish secret police. His reasons for this is that this should have helped with smashing the Nazi movement and that it is therefore legitimate to go behind his comrades backs for over ten years. The means do […]

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